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Terms & Condition

Application for allotement of apartments should be made on the prescribe form duly signed by the applicant along with the 20% earnest money .Citadel Properties Ltd(CPL)have the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason.

   Online application is accepted. You have to full fill the other requirements

   Overseas applicants are requested to enclose your international passport
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   Preference of Allotment :
Allotment of apartments shall be made on a first come first served basis, Buyers willing to make full payment at a time or payment in fewer installments then the schedule will be given preference.

    Payment :
The buyer will make the payment as per payment schedule through A/C payee cheque or bank draft or pay-order or Money Transfer in favour of CITADEL PROPERTIES LTD.
No cash payment will be allowed with our country representative.

    Overseas buyers payment terms :
Payment from overseas in US Dollars or Euro are to be calculated at the prevailing official conversion rate to Bangladeshi TAKA on the date of payment.

   Delay in Payments :
The allottee undertakes to pay delay charge at the rate of 0.1% per day on the amount of payment delayed beyond the due date. If the payment is delayed for 45 days. The company have the right to cancel the allotment without any notice to the allottee. In such case buyers deposited amount will be refunded after sale out the same apartment to a new buyer ,also an amount of Tk.100,000/- (Taka one lac) only will be deducted from the buyers deposited amount for incidental charges.

   Allotment :
Upon acceptence of application,earnest money, down payment along with all necessary documents CPL will issue an allotment letter in favour of the applicant. This will include the payment mode,which the investor shall have to follow on receiving the allotment letter.

   Allotment Transfer :
Until full payment of all installments/dues are made to CITADEL PROPERTIES LTD (CPL) the allottee shall not have any right to transfer the allotment to a third party.

   Citadel's Right :
The developer reserves the right to make any alternation,addition,mission,revising of the total or any part of the architectural and structural design or working drawing and limited change can be made in specification for overall interest of the project without any prior notice to the buyer or any legal authority.

   Possessions :
The possessions of each apartment shall be handed over to the purchaser on completion of apartment and after full payment of installment, other chargers/dues. Until and unless the dues are not clear, possession of the apartment will be hold by the company.

   Documentation Cost :
The buyer will pay stamp duties, registration fees,Taxes, legal and Govt fees, VAT and other miscellaneous expenses likely to be incurred in connection with the registration of Deed.

   Incidental Cost :
Connection charges/fees, security deposits and other incidental charges/expenses relating to gas,water,sewerage and electric connection etc.are not included with the price of apartments. The purchaser will also make these payments.

   Optional Interior Design :
Optional interior decoration and additional fittings and fixtures and also other admissible changes may by done at cost basis. The buyer will get it done by labor contractors at his own cost.

   Owner's Association :
The flat owners must undertake to become a member of the Owner's Association, which will be formed by the owners of the apartments and duly registered under the co-operative society act.1940.

   Refund :
For any reason beyond the control of the Company including natural disaster of economic depression the company may abandon the project and terminate the contract without any right of compensation by the allottee. In such an event the company shall be bound to refund to the buyer all moneys including the deposit within 8 months.

   Loan :
Company may arrange loan if any buyer is interested.



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