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   Structural Feature

Architectural planning and structural design prepared by reputed and professional consultant.
Structural design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) ,American Standerds of Testing Materials (ASTM) and Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC).
Uniform Building Code (UBC) and American Institutes of Steel Construction (AISC).
Structural analysis for design utilizes the latest computer softwere (STAAD-Pro).
Heavy reinforced cement concrete foundation .
Systemtic structural combination of steel reinforced concrete frame and shear core wall.
Reinforced cement concrete floor slabs.
Sub-soil investigation and soil composition are comprehensively analyhed by latest testing equipnent and laboratory techniques.
Comprehensive section by section checking and testing of all steel reinforcement by professional Design and Structural engineers.
LC with adequate thickness in the roof top.
All structural material including steel, cement,bricks,sylhet sand and other aggregatrs etc. of the highest available standard and screened for quality including laboratory testing (BUET).
Structure capable of withstanding major earthquakes.
Design also conforms to international fire codes and regulations.


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